Creating a tabletop game


A friend of mine is crazy about board games. So am I. But he is into it so much that he transfers experiences like travelling or dreams into game ideas. He creates prototype after prototype that we test and share with friends. And then there was this one prototype that everybody really enjoyed. So we were thinking why not take it to the next level.
NucleAnts is a fun fast playing dice and card game. And it’s about ants that survived the nuclear apocalypse. This is why I ended up drawing a lot of creepy ants and still do. I also started with the branding, but it’s still developing – so more coming soon…


Mankind has failed. It’s another lifeform that reigns in the contaminated ruins of their lost civilizations: the great ant queens and their ever mutating breed!
In deep nuclear winter, their offspring fights for survival, mutates and evolves. All to serve and tender their queen with precious atomic waste, for her to become the all-powerful ant empress.


Playtesting NucleAnts
The DoomDie: curse or blessing?
The NucleAnts Playing Card "Thief"

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